Our History of Serving Those In Need

Cory’s Kitchen and Shepherd’s Pantry have been working together to serve the foothill communities for fifteen years. In 2005, Cory’s Kitchen opened its first facility in Irwindale and expanded to multiple sites throughout the valley. It opened the site in Baldwin Park in 2010. Shepherd’s Pantry has its roots in Glendora, where it has been serving those in need at its location, also since 2005.

Growing Together For the Good of the Community

In those fifteen years, the two organizations have grown together for the good of the community, adding new services as demand increased. Cory’s Kitchen would often provide support to Shepherd’s Pantry. Cory’s Kitchen provided leadership—not just on how to operate a successful food pantry, but also on providing emotional and spiritual support.

One Organization Continuing the Mission

Now it’s Shepherd’s Pantry’s turn to support Cory’s Kitchen. Cory’s Kitchen and Shepherd’s Pantry have joined to form one food pantry with three locations—Glendora, Irwindale and Baldwin Park. While the new organization retains the Shepherd’s Pantry name, it will continue the Cory’s Kitchen mission. Each of the three locations has services tailored for the needs of the local community, and with the newly combined resources, Shepherd’s Pantry will be more effective at providing hope and a helping hand to those in need.