Hope And A Helping Hand

These are tough economic times and many families are just barely able to make ends meet. This includes many working families, often times referred to as the working poor.

One of our main goals is to reduce homelessness by helping families remain in their homes by providing food/clothing so they can use their limited financial resources for rent, utilities, etc.

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Services We Provide

We provide food, clothing, haircuts, tutoring and support services depending on the location. Find more about our services here.

Walk-In Food Services & Home Delivery

Our food service is available twice per month. For clients who are unable to travel to our facilities because of transportation or physical challenges, we offer local home food delivery.

Shepherd's Pantry - Services - Clothing
Clothing Services

Gently used clothing is available for our clients and their families once per month. We are open to the public on Wednesday & Thursday evenings from 5 – 7 pm for clothing services.

Shepherd's Pantry Haircuts
Haircut Services

We have licensed beauticians who provide ‘free’ dry haircuts to our clients on a first come, first served basis on the first and third weeks of the month.

Shepherd's Pantry Support
Support Services

We have volunteers on-hand to meet with clients one-on-one in a semi-private environment to discuss their needs and offer whatever assistance beyond food and clothing.

Shepherd's Pantry Tutoring
Children’s Reading & Math Tutoring Program

Tutoring is provided weekly throughout the school year by dedicated volunteers to help each child improve their skills.

Shepherd's pantry Community Garden
Community Garden

Since 1997, the Baldwin Park Community Garden has served as a cornerstone in the Baldwin Park community to educate local students and families about healthy eating. Located on a quarter acre of land owned by Kaiser Permanente, the garden has supported numerous programs to educate youth, older adults, and disabled individuals about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through good nutrition and physical activity. During 2020 the garden was repurposed and took on a new role – providing organic produce to local seniors in need. In collaboration with Kaiser Permanente, Shepherd’s Pantry has oversight of the garden producing much needed fresh fruit and vegetables to local seniors in need, through the City of Baldwin Park Senior Home Delivery Program. Beginning in 2022, the Garden Gourmets Program will return, with instruction in healthy eating and hands-on gardening experiences for 4th graders from the Baldwin Park School District.
This partnership is a successful example of working together to help battle food insecurity among our senior population in Baldwin Park

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We have three locations to serve the community—Glendora, Irwindale and Baldwin Park. Find a location near you.