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A Story of Hope

Suzie Perez, a thirty-six-year-old resident of Covina had no idea that her life would one day change when her son took a drive to Shepherd’s Pantry in the City of Glendora, a food pantry that has been serving Glendora and it’s surrounding cities since 2007.  Since losing her employment due to the pandemic, Suzie has…

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Personal Case Management Program Expansion

During the recent pandemic, it became very evident that our community needed additional support to find employment, social services and housing assistance. In our Needs Survey in the fall 2020, clients expressed their frustrations and concerns with all the changes happening around them. To address individual needs in a more personal way, we have funded…

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Community Garden Partnership

Since 1997, the Baldwin Park Community Garden has served as a cornerstone in the Baldwin Park community to educate local students and families about healthy eating. Located on a quarter acre of land owned by Kaiser Permanente, the garden has supported numerous programs to educate youth, older adults, and disabled individuals about the importance of…

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