Coronavirus Impact on Shepherd’s Pantry

As we have all seen, the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic is changing our communities and our priorities every hour of every day. Shepherd’s Pantry is at the front of this as those most in need of food come to us. We intend on keeping you up-to-date with this blog, and change it as needed. …

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Shepherd’s Pantry Adopts New Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide food, resources and services from a faith-based perspective to those in need. We value the dignity of all individuals and strive to promote their independence.     Since Shepherd’s Pantry expanded to three locations, we have been asking ourselves what is the purpose of our food pantry? Are we a…

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Community Resources are Growing

As people find themselves needing food support, often their lives have become complicated beyond their ability to manage it. Increased housing expenses or decreased job income all factor into a whirlwind of problems and challenges. At Shepherd’s Pantry we have moved to increase our time and ability to provide ‘Resource Counseling’ to each client coming…

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